Common Types and Features Spam Comments on Websites and Blogs

The popularity of the internet today is getting higher. The number of internet users from time to time is always growing. It cannot be denied that the development of the number of websites and blogs in line with the growing number of Internet users are increasing. The more popular and the number of websites and blogs make it as one of the targets of spamming action. One of them is through the comment field.

Easily the user to “submit” a comment is misused to spam. The use of bot-spam or spambots also exacerbates spamming activity because it can include comments on several websites at once. Spam in the comment field is done for various purposes. Backlinks, ads, and promotions are the ultimate destination of spam comments. So, what are the types and features of comments that can be categorized as spam on a website or blog?

  1. The comment doesn’t match Topic Discussion/Articles

The comment columns provided by the webmaster or blogger of course as a forum for discussion so that visitors can respond to the topic or theme of the article being discussed. Thus, there can be continuous 2-way communication. Webmasters and bloggers can also respond to comments that appear, even other visitors can also respond.

But if the comment is out of the topic, then there is no relationship between the contents of posts with the comments. The webmaster or blog owner will also be confused in giving a response. For example, the topic of discussion about infant health, but even comments about mobile problems, of course, the comments will be not relevant.

Usually a lot of visitors who commented just a preamble or discuss other topics or even just greet the webmaster or blog owner through the comments column on the article. Should if you want to do this, not on comments about posting a topic, but usually a good blogger or webmaster will provide a special page in order to contact him, well, that page should be used to contact the webmaster or blog owner and discuss other topics or just greeting and pleasantries, not on articles on a particular theme. This is why comments like these can be categorized as spam.

  1. Contains Promotions or Ads

The target of campaigns or ads are usually the spots that many people see, the internet, in this case, the webpage and blog are one of them. The comments finally become one of the easy targets for advertisers. The advertisements offered are even many that are not related to the topic of the articles discussed. The sellers of medicine or clothing, for example, many who offer their products through comments on articles related to computers or the Internet which is very irrelevant.

Promotional comments or ads that appear will certainly be read by other visitors. The advertisers also don’t hesitate to pay for the services of others to offer their products through comments on this blog. Not infrequently promotional comments or advertising is done repeatedly on the web/blog and the same article. This is why most comments containing ads or promotions are spam.

  1. Post Repeated Comments Many times

Obviously, these characteristics fall into the category of spam. This type of spam is mostly done by using a bot and usually only commented on niceties like “good post”, “nice post”, and other types of comments. Usually, this type of comment only aims to find backlinks, attack blogs that implement do follow link system.

If similar comments appear 2 or 3 times may still not be categorized as spam, chances are when sending a connection comment is interrupted so the comments are sent 2 times. But if spam, similar comments will be overwhelming and usually done blindly, and embedded links can be uniform or different for each comment.


And many more countless other types of spam comments are often found. The development of blog and website platforms, as well as search engine algorithm technology, make new types of comments on blogs and websites will keep popping up. For webmasters and bloggers should have their own strategy in the management of comments so that the website or blog is not used as a nest or target spam comments. So, you should use the number 1 comments platform for your site/blog.

Target spam comments are not just one or two blog platforms, but also almost all blogs and websites that provide comment field. Especially if the blog or the web implement do follow link system, spam comments will often appear. There needs to be good management and comment handling to keep spam in the comments unobtrusive.