Launch of a Unique Marketing Project Simple Ad&PR: Svetlana Mityakova, a Founder Shared the Unique Project Story

The number of marketing companies continues to increase year by year. But the majority of them offer a standard set of services and do not differ so much from each other. Therefore, due to the dynamic market development, there is an urgent need for companies of a new type. The example of such a company is Simple Ad.

Today, the company is testing its services among several clients and preparing to enter the market. The founder of Simple Ad & PR shared the benefits of her project, unique offers, as well as the main trends of the industry that determine the direction of the market development in the upcoming years.

Before developing her own service, Svetlana has been building a career in this industry for a long time. She has 13 years of experience in corporate marketing and strategy, as well as implementing marketing campaigns.

Over the past few years, Svetlana along with her partner have implemented a lot of successful social media marketing campaigns.

As Svetlana mentiones, over the years of her work, she realized that in order for an advertising agency to survive in the business world, it’s necessary not only to have competencies and knowledge about business, but it’s also important to be able to communicate accordingly and establish professional relationships with the key market players.

Therefore, the founders of the startup Simple Ad have no illusions about the start of the company. They understand that in order to stand the competition, it is necessary not only to provide services at the highest level, but also be focused on the result and achieve all the goals set by the client.

Simple Ad & PR: a New Advertising Agency in California

Simple AD&PR is a startup that is responsible for solving the marketing challenges of its clients in digital media and social networks. The company has various marketing communications tools in its arsenal. The service includes all major digital platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Even before the launch of the full version of the product, the company has signed contracts, which are worth more than $200K, as well as a large flow of clients and offers from investors, including from a well-known investment fund.

All this proves the profitability and relevance of the Simple AD & PR service. Despite the high competition and a large number of marketing companies, Simple AD & PR has succeeded to find its niche and attract potential, interested clients even before the beginning of full-fledged work.

Competitive Advantage of Simple AD & PR

First of all, this proves that the company fully understands what clients need, what services are missing from competitors’ offers, and provides the best methods and tools for planning and implementing a successful social media campaign.

Unlike other companies that simply create creative staff and launch marketing campaigns, Simple AD & PR is fully focused on a successful result for the client.  Their responsibility is to create such advertising campaigns that can lead to increased sales, attract the attention of readers, and convey the right message to the target audience.

Another important advantage of Simple AD & PR is its highly professional team.  According to Svetlana, the team succeeded in hiring the best marketing experts. All professionals have been recruited based on their vast experience in the advertising agency industry.

Simple AD & PR also provides regular training for the employees, which permits them to operate in their work with the most modern marketing tools and implement innovative techniques.

Right now, the service is being tested on several customers and soon will be ready to enter the market. They can see the first successful results: just in 2 months, one of the clients, an American company in the field of healthcare, increased the profit by 20{c06a52d2aa23dce4d20b6f93883698a7cc8bce738a1b7636c8fe60b3a4386629} due to the influx of customers. Such records are impressive for the client, as any other expensive advertising campaign could not achieve before.

According to the predictions of analysts, the project will generate positive NPV and profit in the first years of its operation. Over the next five years, the IRR will be 198.10{c06a52d2aa23dce4d20b6f93883698a7cc8bce738a1b7636c8fe60b3a4386629}.

Other benefits of the company include the following:

  • service automation and convenient usage;

  • a full range of services – no other services are able to provide text proofreading, selection of images, and full transparent financial reporting at once;

  • financial guarantees – the client pays money only on condition that the service was provided and the client approved it fully.

Industry Trends of 2023

Thanks to many years of experience in this industry, Svetlana has identified several essential marketing trends. All of them will be implemented in the Simple Ad & PR toolkit too.

Important trends in marketing in 2023 are the following:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing

The word-of-mouth concept is still one of the best marketing strategies. Despite the globalization of access to any kind of information, people still prefer to purchase a product or service from those companies that were highly recommended to them by people they can trust. Thanks to the Internet, this concept has been improved and now, instead of parents or friends, a blogger or influencer from any part of the world can be cunted an authoritative source.

  • Live streaming and video content

TikTok has changed the direction of social media marketing forever. According to the statistics, the video attracts and holds the attention of the viewer more. This motivated Reels to appear on Instagram and Shorts on YouTube. If the potential clients of a business are millennials and zoomers, then video content is indispensable in 2023.

  • User content

This is a more modern version of word-of-mouth. By encouraging users to create content with their product, the brand wins a lot. We speak about unpacking videos, tutorials, product reviews, branded hashtags, and photo tags, which add credibility and loyalty to the target audience without spending a lot of money.

  • Usage of artificial intelligence and marketing automation

For example, Netflix and Starbucks are already using artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to create hyper-personalized user experiences for their clients.

  • Voice search for search engine optimization (SEO)

Such digital assistants are able to assist you in answering informational queries such as “Who founded Netflix?” or “What is the weather like in Los Angeles?”, but they are able to handle much more personalized search queries, such as “What restaurants do breakfast near me?”, etc.

  • New targeting solutions

Google starts to get rid of third-party cookies due to growing privacy concerns. In order to stay relevant, more and more brands start testing various alternative targeting solutions to continue developing personalized content and advertisements.

Launching and Further Company’s Development

Today, Simple Ad & PR faces many various tasks and plans. It includes the launch of software and the increased number of employees. According to Svetlana, it is also planned to launch Live streaming and video-based content in 2023, as this is gaining tremendous momentum, and there are no services for brand integration yet.

The company has plans to create a convenient section for companies and bloggers on the Simple Ad & PR platform.

The founder of the project, Svetlana, pays our attention to the fact that their main tasks at this stage are to boost the quality of provided services, provide relevant advice to their customers at the highest level and invest in their employees development and professional growth.

With the global economic market reeling today due to the Covid-19 crisis, the implementation of the Simple Ad & PR project, their marketing activities, will help in the recovery of US small and medium businesses.